The President's work should be done in the President's office

Updated: January 31, 2015, 10:11 PM

We, as concerned Lewis & Clark students, are occupying the President’s office to accomplish what we believe to be the President’s work. For as long as it takes, we are committing ourselves to the vision of an inclusive and safe campus, achieved through the implementation of the values outlined below. 

Stop by, get involved, stay informed

“You know, these are the students that we’ve been waiting for. Whatever the status quo has been, they’re not just gonna go through their collegiate experience anymore when they see Black lives matter and these other protestors on the news making real change on a national level. Why should they accept it on the microcosmic level on their campus? And also, I think frankly maybe we just need to face the fact that these students might be a little bit more organized, a little bit more radical, and a little bit more daring than we were. And that’s why I say that these were the students we’d been waiting for.”
— Jamil Smith