The Image Initiative strives to engage all students in the ongoing project of promoting an authentic representation of Lewis & Clark College. By centering student voices and experiences, the Initiative promotes an authentic representation of the Lewis & Clark College of our daily lives and elucidates what Lewis & Clark can become to help better serve the student body.

In order to increase student engagement, the Initiative provides channels of communication and increases access to on-campus institutional resources so that students may be more empowered.

This is what students say about Lewis & Clark according to Princeton Review:

While living in Portland, Oregon, you may “get rained on a lot,” but that doesn’t stop many students from extolling about the otherwise “wonderful,” “perfect,” “ideal,” and “exciting” location. This “suburban-hilltop liberal arts college” sits in an “absolutely beautiful” spot “next to a huge forest, [with] downtown only twenty minutes away.” Besides the setting, students are lured by the school’s “strong outdoors program,” “great study abroad opportunities,” as well as the promise of “a very green and liberal school.” “Lewis & Clark is a utopia for thinkers and outdoors lovers alike. While challenging academically, the emphasis on a holistic education means that students are encouraged to explore all that Portland and the beautiful Northwest has to offer.” Professors are noted for their support and “are devoted to their students in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a larger school.” “Lewis & Clark has professors that care so much, and if you want to put the effort into building relationships with them you will get so much from the education.” Students give excellent marks for the “seasoned professors in upper-level classes.” However, one student feels that “some of the temporary staff are less excellent.”